5 quick tips for writing a dissertation proposal

5 Quick Tips For Writing A Dissertation Proposal

5 quick tips for writing a dissertation proposal

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Many degrees and educational institution require students to write research reports and dissertations. The writing process starts with a proposal called the dissertation proposal.


Students of different disciplines and educational programs are often required to write reports and dissertations for completion of their degrees. Depending on their topics and teachers the guidelines for the dissertations and thesis reports differ from each other. However the general purpose and format of the dissertation remains the same for all.

The start of each good dissertation includes a well written dissertation proposal. For new comers and beginners understanding the drafting and writing of the dissertation proposal is very important. Below is a brief description of what is a dissertation proposal, how should it be written and tips that must be followed for great writing.

Dissertation Proposal and its understanding:

It is a statement written to establish the intent of a pupil or writer for drafting an upcoming research project. The proposal is useful for the instructors and supervisors to study and analyze the given topic and whether it will be a feasible option taking up a research project on. It also helps them gauge the understanding and willingness of the student to write and research on this given topic or subject.

A successful dissertation proposal needs to have certain characteristics and properties including the following:

  • Ability to demonstrate students sufficient knowledge on a given subject


  • Appropriateness and relevance of the topic with the given subject of studies


  • An understanding of whether the topic is researchable or not


  • Originality of the topic and comparison with previous studies


  • It should be short but informative


  • It should highlight the level of studies being considered


  • It should have a clear stated reference list


  • It should adhere to the dissertation proposal requirements of the university or institution


  • It should also adhere to the general universal guidelines of the dissertation writing rules.


How to write a dissertation proposal?

Writing a dissertation proposal for a beginner can be a challenging task. It is not every other day that you are required to write one. In fact many students face anxiety or fear for the purpose. Most universities provide samples of what they require in a proposal but generally the rules are the same. Below are some components that need to be part of a dissertation proposal.


  • An Abstract:

Although this might be omitted in brief proposals but it is a necessary component of large sized dissertations. It should be limited to one paragraph that is able to summarize the topic being selected for research. It should also shed some light on the contents of the proposal itself.


  • Introduction Statement:

This is the basic statement that will explain the research topic to the reader. It is made up of one or two lines and reflects on the importance of the topic. The statement should be interesting and attractive.


  • Literature review:

Like all formal reports, a literature review or research context is essential part of the dissertation proposal. It shows the brief description of the theories and academic concepts being discussed in reference to the topic. An awareness of the concepts should only be highlighted and no details are required at this stage.


  • Agenda:

Write about the proposed research methods and techniques including surveys, qualitative and quantitative ways of gaining information and data. You should also write why you are choosing a particular method for your dissertation.


  • Chapters:

Give an outline of the chapters that will be part of the report. You can also add a timeline for gauging milestones.


  • Expected outcomes:

Write about the anticipated outcomes of your research and what you plan to achieve through this process.


  • Bibliography:

Always mention the references used for the compilation of the proposal.

Quick tips for dissertation proposal writing:

  • Never copy your content or research from previous works of others. Be original in what you write.


  • Make sure your dissertation proposal and topic is relevant to your subject and field of studies. Do not lose track of your required subject.


  • Always be practical in what you write. Do not exaggerate or get over ambitious in what you plan to do. Always state what is possible in the given resources and capacity. This also holds true for the timeline that you propose for the completion and accomplishment of the goals.


  • Always write a dissertation with the right language and grammatical skills. Avoid making careless mistakes like spelling errors. Make sure your report looks formal and has been proofread before it was actually submitted.


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